Interface Flor

Installation: Monolithic, Quarter turn

Construction: Tufted Patterned Textured Cut pile Tile

Yarn: 80% Wool, 20% Nylon & Monofilament Scraper

Backing: Graphlex®

Size: GlasBac®

Product number: 3057200300

Colour number: 357214


Incredibly tough, hard-wearing and practical; entrance matting acts as the first line of defence to any interior by removing almost 100% of dirt, rain and mud before it's walked into your flooring, protecting your flooring investment.

Don't let dirt past the door
With Foyer installed in the entrance area, most dirt is wiped off shoes and boots before they reach the main floor surfaces. Thanks to its wool and polyamide filament composition, Foyer captures moist and dirt very efficiently. So maintenance becomes much easier, and your floors keep looking good for longer. Whatever type of business you're in - and whatever type of building - Foyer helps protect the investment you've made in your flooring.