Unmistakable style. Unlimited possibilities . This stackable frame-and-tile system lets you create the look you want with the performance you need. 

Montage is the culmination of all that we at Steelcase have learned about work and the workplace. How environment affects morale and productivity. How impressions can attract better employees and new business. How things like ergonomics, workflow and useable space can improve communications, processes and the bottom line. And how what we create every day is both art, and science.




A cognizant choice:

  • Montage is Indoor Advantage™ certified for protecting indoor air quality. If you are applying for LEED certification, Montage may contribute toward earning LEED points for low emitting furniture.
  • Montage has Silver Cradle to Cradle™ product certification from MBDC. The Cradle to Cradle™ Product Certification evaluates a product for human and environmental health impacts throughout its lifecycle and its potential for being truly recycled or safely composted. Certification of a finished product also requires the evaluation of energy-use quantity and quality (i.e., relative proportion of renewable energy), water-use quantity, water-effluent quality, and workplace ethics associated with manufacturing.  


  1. Achieve a precise aesthetic:

    Transition seamlessly from private offices to public spaces, with design options that help you to differentiate spaces while still maintaining your desired aesthetic look.Available in both monolithic and tiled options, nothing comes close to Montage's craftsmanship, build integrity, aesthetic versatility and beauty.

  2. Substance that matters:

    Underneath Montage's elegant and versatile exterior, you'll find the flexibility, technology, and tools that help transform workspaces and meet the needs of individual employees

  3. Choose your space:

    • Montage offers a breadth of surface material options, is highly customizable, and features a superior fit and finish. 
    • Stackable and destackable frames allow for varying levels of visual and acoustical privacy.
    • Hinged or pocket doors are available for spaces where additional privacy is needed.
    • Off-module panels, worksurfaces and storage connection allow for total planning flexibility including expanding or decreasing the size of the workstation with ease.
    • Features like frameless glass dividers, full height tiles that don't require base trim, and extended top caps that minimize seams all help you customize your space even more
  4. Technology that counts:

    • Open frame construction allows user to route power and communication in the base, horizontally within the frame.
    • Consolidation point kit provides easy access to connection points for data/voice networks reducing reconfiguration costs.
    • Power and data access at base and desk height; data anywhere. 
    • Tiles are removable and interchangeable for easy access to wire/cable management.