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Wagner- An Overview

TOPSTAR is a family business owned by the WAGNER family in Germany. They have been developing and producing innovative seating solution for the last 60 years. Their challenge as the leading producer in Germany is to achieve a sense of well-being and recoverability by introducing attractive products. TOPSTAR brand of chairs caters to small & medium business establishments, self employed sector and private customers.

WAGNER on the other hand is a property brand of TOPSTAR which caters to high end customer with its patented Dondola seat joint technology. In 1949 the grandfather and founder of TOPSTAR Company, Moritz Wagner, had begun to produce chairs for the object sector and within a short period of time he was successfully placed in the market. His grandsons, Mr. Peter Wagner und Mr. Dr. Rainer Wagner, renewed this tradition in 1999 with the brand WAGNER. Wagner is a traditional chair brand and its main focus is the well-being of the people. For them well-being arises when design, movement and health are in line with each other. Feel the movement, live the design.

Country of Origin - Germany