The Trendy range of chairs is the loudest we ever crafted: They come in cheerful, artistic colours for a winsome and spacious environment. A unique, timeless and light-hearted style coupled with a sturdy elongated set-up for utmost comfort and stability.


  • Aluminium non-movable base - Provides structural stability and reflective aesthetics for uniform height and prevents unnecessary disturbances. Provides a clean and organised feel and promotes better posture by maintaining even weight distribution.
  • Elongated rounded cushion seats and backrest - For superior comfort and shaped for balance to suit contours of body. Fits body angles comfortably and is best suited for lounges and informal décor needs. A perfect balance of trendy style and substance.
  • Vibrant colours - Suitable for lounge and informal settings. Adds a dash of exuberance and relaxed charm to the décor. Provides multiple variations to suit individual taste and preference.