QiVi meeting chair is designed to encourage movement, support different postures and guarantee ergonomic comfort, thanks to an innovative combination of a pivoting backrest and sliding seat. 

Benefits & features

  • QiVi is built on a hybrid concept, with a pivoting backrest and sliding seat.
  • It moves with the body. It allows people to naturally shift their position for long seated periods.
  • The different backrests have a consistent design: the 3 dimensional frame
  • It is a complete family for conferences, training sessions and teaming in pairs or small groups.

 Different versions

  • Two different backrests: net or plain back
  • 5 stars on castors (with or without armrest)
  • 4 stars on glides (with or without armrest)
  • Sled version (stackable on option - with or without armrest)
  • 4 legs (stackable - with or without armrest)
  • 4 legs on castors (stackable  - with or without armrest)


During QiVi development process we considered environmental impacts of our decisions at every stage of the product's lifecycle.  

Life Cycle Assessment

The QiVi task chair is manufactured Sarrebourg, France, by Steelcase. Thanks to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method, Steelcase can quantify the product's environmental impacts to set the stage for further improvements. This method, based on ISO 14044, is selected by the European Union for environmental evaluation. It allows us to measure the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle.

QiVi Life Cycle


  • 27% recycled content by weight.
  • PVC-free. 100% recycled cardboard and 30% recycled LDPE film (Low Density Polyethylene) in packaging.
  • Water-based inks without solvent on packaging


  • ISO 14001/ EMAS certification of the production sites.
  • Water-based glue.
  • Powder coat painting: VOC-free and free of heavy metals.


  • Manufactured close to customers.

  • Designed for a long product life.
  • Replaceable parts.
  • No toxic substances released by our eco-labelled textiles.
  • Maintenance information is available on Steelcase.com.

    End of life
    • Theoretically 99% recyclable by weight.
    • 100% recyclable cardboard and LDPE film for packaging.
    • Plastic parts clearly labelled for easy sorting and effective recycling..

 QiVi environmental certifications

  • Product Environmental Profiles (PEP). With QiVi we can provide a Product Environmental Profiles (PEP), an environmental declaration according to the objectives of ISO 14021.
  • NF Environnement. QiVi complies with the French environmental certification "NF Environnement" (ISO 14024).
  • Oeko-Tex. The polyester fabric is labelled with the "Oeko-Tex 100 Standard".
  • European Flower. The pure wool fabric is labelled with the "European Flower".
  • Indoor Advantage. QiVi is certified with the Indoor Advantage™ Gold certification, a high level certificate for indoor air quality.