SW_1 by Coalesse

SW_1 offers it all. Eminently flexible, it moves effortlessly from the conference room to occasional settings for impromptu meetings. 

SW_1 is a comprehensive conferencing collection for the creative class. Designed by Scott Wilson and MINIMAL, it is a clear alternative to the generic conference room, and created to enhance social connectivity, help foster collaboration , and provide participants the freedom to change posture and positions while remaining entirely engaged in their meetings. SW_1 is lounge-enspired conference furniture that features a lowered-height table with a conference lounge chair creating a hybrid collaborative space that's part conference/part lounge. 


  • Low back lounge, high back lounge, and conference chairs.
  • Conference-lounge provides ergonomic comfort, enabling a more relaxed "lean back" posture.
  • Swivel return mechanism optional on lounge.
  • Conference chairs available on glides or casters.