Get ready for the ride of your life!

If you have a Lamborghini in your garage and Versace in your wardrobe, why not make your office a haven of Italian design too? The Aresline Xten ergonomic chair also known as the'Ferrari Chair'pulls all stops when it comes to luxury and comfort.  It has been designed by renowned Italian designer Pininfarina, who is also the designer for Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati.  It's made from the same dynatec fabric which is utilized by Olympic athletes for durability, and the seat also contains Technogel that will mould to the contour of the body and reduce seating pressure & fatigue by over 60%.

It is a branded state-of-the art luxury for the fashion conscious. The time and effort that has gone into designing this chair is similar to that of designing a new car. The piece is unique in its manufacture and design, with its revolutionary dynamic synchronized tilting system wherein the back and the seat adjust independently of one another at complimenting angles. Available in four vibrant colours red, blue, black and silver this chair is made for the demanding ones who believe in nothing less than the best