OMNIA is a multi-functional programme of seating and writing tops for classrooms. It's available in OMNIA BEAM and OMNIA CONTRACT option as well

In spite of being concentrated on a very small space, OMNIA has exceptional ergonomic qualities. It's a very sturdy solution as it was designed to bear the daily "rigour" of its young and boisterous users.

OMNIA BEAM on the other hand is the option on a beam, particularly suitable for conference rooms or auditoriums in general. Even though the number of fixing points to the floor is minimum, it does not in any way compromise the performance or robust construction of the chair.

Lastly OMNIA CONTRACT is a community seating programme which is articulated on various levels of development, each one of which is studied and designed to offer the widest user possibilities. Available in fixed 4 legs version and swivel one on castors, OMNIA CONTRACT has the option of going with fixed or tip-up seat, with or without armrests, with anti-panic writing table or side table.