Simple construction, essential shapes and maximum comfort make the Eidos series stand out.

The basic version of EIDOS has the structure in metallic grey color, coupled with the wide range of fabrics and leathers. This allows the designers to free their imagination and adapt to the aesthetic and functional requirements of the location

The version EIDOS PLUS has been conceived to ensure maximum comfort in theaters and auditorium. As compared to the basic version EIDOS PLUS has a wider seat with a richer seam. The row and number are elegantly embroidered on the side and under the seat respectively. The sides are extended right up to the ground

The EIDOS WOOD version is characterized by the elegance and the preciousness of wood which proves to be winning elements that are rewarded in time. This version offers the possibility to use details in valuable wood which enrich the look of the armchair. The armrest can be upholstered or resume the wood of the backrest.