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High backrests with breathable mesh cover in two different variations - the Ergo Medic® 100-1 / 100-2 are setting standards in design, movement and health. While leaning back the flexible backrest, made of soft plastic, follows the movement of the Dondola® to the side which enables additional freedom while moving - a good deed for your back. Also the upholstered variations of the ErgoMedic® 100-3 / 100-4 are built on a similar comfortable as well as breathable mesh cover.


  • Synchro design swivel chair with Dondola®-seating joint
  • Height adjustable backrest using raster mechanism, in 2 different variations-breathable mesh cover or upholstered with a laminated fabric
  • Ergonomically shaped foam seat with clip system and built in seat depth and angle adjustment
  • Point-synchro-mechanism with tension adjustment
  • Design base in black polyamide

Dondola - The chance for more wellness in the office.

Ergonomic Image

Sitting in Motion - Dondola Seat Joint

WAGNER redefines the way of sitting! Due to the unique movement of the Dondola® seat joint, WAGNER office chairs promotes a healthy back*. They have received several awards for this technology, including the one by leading professional journal "Facts".

* The medical survey of the University of Regensburg under the direction of Prof. Grifka shows the following revolutionary findings:

  • 66% of the test persons report a decline of pains (visual analogical scale)
  • 50% decline of restrictions in everyday life caused by back pains (Oswestry Disability Index)
  • Significant increase of well-being in general by up to 39% (SF36)

(Survey available on:

Dondola Technology

The Dondola seat joint is completely invisible. It's integrated between the seat and the mechanism. It uncouples the fixed connection which is at the base part of the chair. The three-dimensional moveability of the seat prevents an unchanged seating position (lasting for hours) and supports permanent dynamic seating, as a result of which it activates the back muscles. As said earlier the principle of the exercise ball is integrated into the swivel chair! Dondola is a patented seating system which enables extreme high moveablilty while sitting

  • To the front
  • To the right & left side
  • To the back

Dondola means a permanent subconscious movement