From individual workstations to aggregate compositions, GAP opens up new solutions for teamwork and creative collabo-ration, thanks to the versatility of its parts and simple combination systems.

There are some collections that leave an indelible trace on the evolution of a company. GAP makes the past and tradition its own and recovers the concept of winning projects with passionate artisanship. This is the idea that generates a high level of flexibility: the opportunity to develop furniture along the axes; an important recovery of space which translates into significant savings.

Key Features

With the ease with which a single workstation is created, GAP allows the creation of different solutions for multiple and semi-directional workstations. The system demonstrates a high level of flexibility creating precise workstation from a stylistic, functional and personalized point of view, with the right fittings and colours.

A partition system reveals the project's dedication to a scrupulous recovery of space. The panels generate a series of niches to accommodate work in an individual area that can be personalized with numerous accessories, to facilitate work in that area


  • Melamine working tops 18 mm thick with 2 mm ABS edges  available in White, Maple, Walnut, Light Oak, Dark Oak
  • Metal structures available in white or aluminum colours
  • Frontal panels in melaminico - white, turquoise blue, mustard yellow, bamboo green, poppy red, umber
  • Storage Units - Bodies made in melamined panels 18 mm thick and shelves in melamined panels 25 mm thick -Both available in white and aluminum colours. Wooden doors in melamined panels 18 mm thick and tops in melamined panels 25 mm thick. Available in White, Maple, Walnut, Light Oak, Dark Oak