The Activa and Activa Lift 2 desks are highly ergonomic and offer different height adjustable versions in a single design. Its modular construction allows very easy assembly and reconfiguration. Activa and Activa Lift 2 are suitable in many situations. 

Benefits & features

  • The height adjustability without tools offers an active alternation of standing and seating posture.
  • The installation, removal or internal reorganization are simple and completed in seconds.
  • Activa manages cables horizontally and vertically with style. The sliding desk-top allows easy cables' access.
  • Sustainability:  Activa contains 26% recycled materials and is recyclable at 99% by weight

Different versions

  • Available in 7 height adjustable versions:
    • Activa Standard (72 cm standard height), Activa Telescopic (telescopic, from 62 to 90 cm), Activa Crank (crank operated, from 62 to 90 cm)
    • Activa Lift 2  (motorised, from 68 to 118 cm or from 65 to 130; gas strut from 68 to 118 cm or from 65 to 130).
  • About 30 different top shapes available in different sizes.
  • Veneer finish for management desk.
  • Individual side panels to customize the appearance of the c-leg column.


During Activa development process we considered environmental impacts of our decisions at every stage of the product's lifecycle. 

Life Cycle Assessment

Activa is manufactured in Rosenheim, Germany, by Steelcase.  Thanks to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method, Steelcase can quantify the product's environmental impacts to set the stage forfurther improvements. This method,based on ISO 14044, is selected by the European Union for environmental evaluation. It allows us to measure the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle.

Activa Life Cycle

Activa contains 26% recycled materials, by weight. Activa contains no hazardous materials such as PVC, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, and Chromium VI or flame retardants. The packaging contains at least 50% recycled materials and is printed with water-based inks i.e. without solvent.   

Activa is manufactured in our Rosenheim factory, which is ISO 14001/EMAS II certified. The powder coating is free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and heavy metals. The glue used to apply attach edges on the table is water based and releases no VOCs. The wood wastes coming from the table-tops cutting are directly re-used to heat the production building. A filter avoids VOC emissions.    

Minimised packaging weight and packaging volume also help us improve filling rates and thus require less energy for shipping.     

Activa was designed for a long product life, with replaceable parts. Activa is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble, making refitting easy. The chipboard meets the low emission E1 standard (EN13986) for formaldehyde.

End of life
Activa is 99% recyclable by weight. Plastic parts are clearly marked for an easy sorting and an  effective recycling. After delivery of the desks, about 40% of the EPP edge protections are returned to Steelcase and directly reused for other desks.

Activa Environmental Certifications

With Activa we can provide three Product Environmental Profiles (PEP), an environmental declaration according to the objectives of ISO 14021.

The wooden components of Activa are labelled with PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

The particle boards comply with the low emission "E1 Standard" (EN13986).

Activa complies with the German environmental certification "Blauer Engel".