Partito Wall & Screen

Partito rail can support heavy objects, such as binders and flat screen arms. It is transversal and can be easily installed on any desk with a top thickness between 19 to 30mm. The infills create virtual boundaries between users without being isolating. 

Benefits & features

  • The smart infills are available in different materials: fabric infills are magnetic and pinnable, and perforated metal slots allow users to display cards or mementos.

Partito Screen brings structure to space. It successfully combines design and functionality. It is adjustable in height for extra convenience. Partito screen can incorporate accessories like a flat screen monitor support or other simple tools. 

Benefits & features

  • The choice of materials and colours help to maintain individuality.
  • Partito screen can incorporate many accessories and work tools.
  • It is ideal for call centres configurations (allowing both visual and acoustic privacy).
  • Sustainability:  Partito contains 24% of recycled materials and no hazardous materials.


Partito Wall brings structure to open areas and offers support for the different types of task carried out during the working day. This flexible and ingenious system optimises the use of square meters.  

Benefits & features

  • Partito Wall is a straightforward way of partitioning a room.
  • It offers acoustic absorption and clever cable management.
  • Sustainability: Partito contains 24% of recycled materials and no hazardous materials.

During Partito development process we considered environmental impacts of our decisions at every stage of the product's lifecycle.   

Life Cycle Assessment

The Partito is manufactured in Sarrebourg, France, by Steelcase.  Thanks to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method, Steelcase can quantify the product's environmental impacts to set the stage for further improvements. This method,based on ISO 14044, is selected by the European Union for environmental evaluation. It allows us to measure the environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle.

Partito Life Cycle

Partito contains 24% of recycled materials, by weight and no hazardous materials. Paper and packaging use water based inks without solvent. The packaging is made of 30% recycled cardboard and 30% recycled low density polyethylene (LDPE) film.   
All European Steelcase production sites are certified ISO 14001. The glue used to glue the wood and fabric is water based and releases no volatile organic compounds.    

In order to save energy for shipping, we optimise the transportation distances, type and filling rate, and minimise packaging volume and materials.     

Partito was designed for a long product life, with replaceable elements. The chipboard meets the low-emission E1 standard (EN13986) for formaldehyde.

End of life
Partito is about 45% recyclable by weight. All packaging components: cardboard, polyethylene foam and low density polyethylene (LDPE) film, are 100% recyclable.

Partito Environmental Certifications

The particle boards comply with the low emission "E1 Standard" (EN13986).

The wooden components of Partito are labelled with PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

With Partito we can provide an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), according to the objectives of ISO 14025, based on Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14044).