Ology is a desking family comprised of height adjustability options, work surfaces, desk organisation options and cable management. Ology offers various ergonomic and antimicrobial treatment options to create a more health-conscious work environment.

In any workplace, the bottom line is the health and wellbeing of its workers. A more health conscious workplace protects the company's most significant investment and ensures the greatest productivity, efficiency, and innovation possible in the work environment. Ology is the first desking solution that supports the physiology and biology of users to make the workplace a more health conscious place.


Promote posture change and provide tailored ergonomics.



Benefits & features

  • Ology offers 2 user interface options (intuitive and programmable): Pushing the button will raise the desk to an average standing height, for shoulder to shoulder/dyadic collaboration standing is highly recommended. Not only it is more comfortable and convenient, it is proven more effective and also gives users one more reason to stand!
  • Tailored ergonomics: with the integrated rail option, Ology can be customized with Plurio laptop support, lights, power sockets and cable management, Screens and/or 1+1 worktools.
  • The soft edge is a new OLOGY feature to better support users spending the greater part of their day doing computer tasks. It significantly reduces unhealthy pressure on forearms as well as feelings of shoulder and neck fatigue.


Create a health-conscious environment.



Benefits & features

  • Antimicrobial protection Inhibits growth of 99% of common micro-organisms.
  • Ology offers antimicrobial protection on the most touched points such as user interfaces (lift and crank), the soft edge profile, the deskpad as well as the plastic top access and the sliding top handle.
  • Seamless Edge provides a smooth transition between the surface top and edge creating the illusion of a single flowing solid surface. It eliminates the porosity of a glue line, increasing the life of surfaces and promoting a health conscious work environment.

Different versions

  • 9 different top shapes available in different sizes.
  • 5-height adjustability responds to the needs of all types of users.
  • Ology offers more than 29 options and many accessories.