The Warmth of Wool - Wool felt sound-absorbing panels

Decorvox leverages the simplicity and efficiency of felt, an ancient material now widely used by modern designers, through its natural wool fibres and a manufacturing process that has become increasingly sophisticated over the centuries. Mechanical compression, steam and heat: these three elements are used to obtain various types of felt with different density and thickness, suitable for every need and featuring a great sound absorption capacity due to the porous structure and the hollow fibres of wool, which acts as a capillary conduit. Minor differences in colour and small inclusions of natural fibre on the surface prove that the material is 100% natural


16 mm fireproof MDF panel, perforated, hole D 10, 16 mm pitch, coupled with 5mm thick mixed wool felt on the visible side.

  • Composition 80% wool 20% rayon.
  • Density 0.30 gr/cm3,
  • Counterweight 1500 g/m2
  • Resistance to temperature: roughens at 100°C, decomposition begins at 130°C
  • AP 171 fireproofing treatment Category 1 (UNI 8456/8457).
  • Class 1 (B,s2; d0).


Wall Variofix Brickwall.

Minimum quantity would be 18 sqm.