The urban office environment could use a little bit of classic style. Built with elegant vintage wooden frames and leather seats, the Classique is an update of the modern-classic look with ergonomic principles. Conveys style and substance, it is perfect as an executive chair.


  • Wooden armrest - Robust wood material provides elegant vintage look with sturdy support.
  • Tilt lock mechanism - Designed to lock backrest support to perfect angle to suit natural contours of body, the tilt lock system prevents unnecessary shocks and sudden weight shifts for enhanced comfort.
  • Wooden base design -Maintains sturdy structure and exudes vintage flair. Movable base is durable to absorb shocks and weight shifts making it suitable for persistent office use.
  • Backrest tilting
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Tension control -Tension control helps users function better through its shock absorption properties and enhanced support features for prolonged use and sustained seating