Glossy and fiendishly crafted, you can forget about knowing what to do with your hands when you're resting on the Zein. Comfort comes in a few choices and knowing what to do with yourself will be the last thing on your mind. You'll get it intuitively


  • Height and multiple adjustable armrest with padding
  • Sliding seat pan - Aligns knees and thighs so that they can be parallel to the floor and emphasizes better support and posture of hips and lower back.
  • L-shaped design capping - Styled for a contemporary look and designed for providing structure and stability
  • High-legged nylon base - Elevated non-reflective stabilizing base design acts as sturdy structure to absorb sudden weight shifts and movements. Highly suitable for task-oriented users seeking greater manoeuvrability and flexibility within work space.
  • Aluminum die-cast base
  • Stackable