Relaxed covered

High backrests with breathable mesh cover in two different variations - the Ergo Medic® 100-1 / 100-2 are setting standards in design, movement and health. While leaning back the flexible backrest, made of soft plastic, follows the movement of the Dondola® to the side which enables additional freedom while moving - a good deed for your back. Also the upholstered variations of the ErgoMedic® 100-3 / 100-4 are built on a similar comfortable as well as breathable mesh cover.


  • Synchro design swivel chair with Dondola®-seating joint
  • Height adjustable backrest using raster mechanism, in 2 different variations-breathable mesh cover or upholstered with a laminated fabric
  • Ergonomically shaped foam seat with clip system and built in seat depth and angle adjustment
  • Point-synchro-mechanism with tension adjustment
  • Design base in black polyamide