Entity solves every problem of space, movement and function. And it does it so well that it already have earned two awards: Award EIMU Wellness@Work, Nomination Grandesign-designEtico.

Entity is an up to date and smart series, designed to meet the current architecture of office spaces. In particular, Entity is pointed on designing shared work spaces, increasing: functionality, convenience and pleasantly of the volumes. The central bar is set for the application of screens, flipping doors for inspection of wiring management and multipurpose accessories

Basic features

  • Working tops: They are made of wood conglomerate 18 mm thick coated with white, maple or walnut coloured melamine with ABS edge-profiles 2 mm thick.
  • Adjustable height metal legs : Though they have the same technical characteristics of the fix height legs but they are provided with special kits for the height adjustable system. Min height  62 cm,   & max height  82 cm. The kit is composed by a telescopic frame in extruded aluminium (which slides inside the leg).
  • Single and double extruded accessories profile available. The extruded profiles are fixed to the desks' structures by the meaning of special supports made of metal tubular aluminium colours
  • Horizontal cable channels are available in several lengths. Sheet extensions are also available for the connection and the extension of the cable channels.
  •  Wiring column: it is made of welded cold formed sheet and it is provided with separator for the channels and with double casing that can be opened for the inspection